Who I Be

My name is Eric McLoyd.


This site represents the connection of my full self. I

I created it because I love to bring new things into existence. I don't label myself as a writer, poet, or photographer. It feels better to simply refer to myself as a "creative".


In this world, there are people who are born to create. When these people are simply consuming they don't feel completely alive and they walk around with a heavy sense of guilt. I'm one of those people.


As a child, my babysitters were the ghosts of Ralph Ellison, Zora Hurston, Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim and others. At a very early age, I remember writing verses and paragraphs on scrap pieces of paper. Those ghosts taught me it was okay to shape my little scraps into art.


This digital cipher was not easy for me to create. I have been in grind mode for so long that my artistic side was only being shown when participating in business ventures. The guilt kept eating at me though, I needed a vessel that would allow me to satisfy all of my artistic desires.


Finally. This site displays my photography, poetic verses, a blog and the start of several novels. The curation of this site is not meant to make any type of logical sense--its only intended to BE. I always say my life is an attempt to do 3 things: (I)nnovate, (C)reate and (E)ducate--ICE, ICE baby-Gen X'ers y'all get the reference.


What else about me? I'm probably older than your favorite rapper but likely a little younger than your favorite actor. I'm a father who is also somebody's baby. And oh yeah, I definitely got my flavor from Hip-Hop. It also helped me to form many of my initial worldviews and provided my first glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur. I thank the culture for birthing me!










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