Implementation is art.

As part of my wealth management practice, Hubris Global Wealth Management, I have launched the Eric McLoyd Leadership Academy ("EMLA") with the idea of offering Executive Coaching as a primary implementation solution. Each program (Leaders of the N.E.W., Launch C.E.O., and Your C.F.O.) was designed to add value by addressing very specific business and financial challenges. Our coaching partnerships with clients center around implementation.

Coaching is not new, after all, we watch our favorite athletes get coached every week. The problem is sometimes we don't understand when we need a coach to get us to the next level. Or maybe we are being coached and don't realize it.

Not long ago, I realized that I have been coaching people most of my professional life. Recently, it has become a "thing" but once I understood the true definition there was an "aha" moment. I knew that I wanted to reach even more people with my strategies, techniques, and solutions. Also, I wanted more people to experience the power of being accountable to someone other than themselves. With that in mind, EMLA was born.

I am happy to set up a call with someone that I've personally coached and they can tell you themselves what the experience was like. Take a look at the next few pages, you will see how I've used coaching as an implementation vehicle.

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