What I Do

I build Legacies.

When it comes to my professional career I've been all around the world and back. Well maybe at first glance it seems that way. Thinking about it more though... it really boils down to a few areas that I've been focused on: Real Estate, Finance, and Entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship). And within those areas, I've held a number of roles and worn a bunch of different hats. Also, I would like to think that I've inspired one or two people along the way.

I was blessed to get a really good education and that includes college but also so much more than that! I've been educated by so many experiences and people...people from all walks of life...and experiences in things I would have never imagined as a young boy. And this new digital age has enhanced my education tenfold!!

 As I head into the next years of my life, my desire is to touch many more--people. I am walking in gifts, I accept them, I honor them and I want to share them with anyone who wants to receive them. Helping people build their Legacies are my Art.











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