Financial freedom requires implementation.


I am a licensed financial advisor but I wanted to do more than sell life insurance, recommend stocks or write financial plans. It didn’t feel right to me to sell quickly so I could get awards and recognition (though I did). I was always thinking, what about the rest of these families' financial lives?

Over the years it became clearer to me that yes there is a way to help people financially without rushing. But also and maybe, more importantly, financial solutions are best when the financial professional can be present to assist with implementation. It’s one thing to say, “Hey you should save more”, it’s another thing to help the family accomplish that goal.

So from that mindset, Your CFO was born.


You are the CEO of your household and/or business. Every CEO needs a strong person to help them with financial structure and making sure goals are set and met.

                                                 Your CFO highlights:

                                                       1:1 coaching

                                                 accountability partner

                                                  financial goal setting

                                          assistance with goal implementation

                                        focus on daily budgeting and cash flow

                                creation of financial metrics for your business

                                             debt management strategies

                                                    credit repair strategies

                                  introductions to other financial professionals

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