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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I'm looking into the future.

I'm pretty nervous putting out this site/blog but today was the deadline.

This launch is a big deal in my development as a human being. I have spent so much time developing my career that my art always got 'lost in the mix' (I will be using Gen X slang and terminology throughout, feel me?).

I have a lot to say, especially about how Millennials are getting so much shine in the media. And thats cool-no shade or hate intended toward them-it's just about preserving self. I can't sit around all day talking about Cardi B or the latest in the lives of the Kardashians. I have to figure out real soon how to care for my aging parents and continue planning for my two children to attend college.

I enjoy entertainment as much as the next person but those family responsibility conversations are more pressing to me. Many of the people in my generation are already in the execution phase of caring for parents and sending kids to college. At the same time, I don't want to assume that all Gen X'ers are dealing with or thinking about the same issues. However, I really would like to know more about whats on our minds.

The interesting thing about the Millenials and even the Baby Boomers, I would say, is that their generational profiles are more clearly defined. Most of us know the likes and dislikes of their generation, their work habits and overall mentality. How about Generation X do people know our profile as well? Does anyone care?

They have called us the lost generation but I don't think we are as lost as originally thought. And those of us who were truly lost have, I believe, found ourselves at this point in life. So the big question that I have is why don't we get courted more by the media? I would to love watch television and see ads that reflected what I believe to be true which is that Gen X'ers are hard workers, capable savers and kings/queens of the side hustle or secondary career.

Check on these articles to learn more characteristics of Generation X:​

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