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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Paris, Paris-Las Vegas

It was time to buckle down and plan for our family vacation. The kids had made a few "suggestions" on where we should go for vacation and I started growing anxious. I’m living my best liiiiiiife, ain't going back and forth with you *****’s…was running through my mind non-stop. You know how your kids start throwing out these crazy destinations and the first thing you start thinking about is the $. I’m thinking ya’ll crazy as hell we ain’t going on no Disney cruise or Disney world-not this year!

So I started thinking hard about where I could take these babies, where we can have a good time and it wouldn't be a million dollars? And honestly even-though I was not trying to do Disneyland, at one point I did think I might have to. Then for some reason Vegas popped into my head and I was like naw that wouldn't work--Vegas? But you know when I think fun Vegas definitely comes to mind. I started trying to remember back to me being in Vegas all those times and if I even remembered seeing any little kids.

I started thinking about my past experiences. Many of those experiences were not clear since most of my prior visits were more like marathons. I would go to whatever conference I was there for during the day and then be out "exploring" until 2 a.m. the following morning. I'd get up rinse and repeat. The places I was at, definitely don't remember any kids. So I searched up (daughter's slang for googling) Kids and Las Vegas. I liked what I saw, jumped over to Google Flights and Expedia then decided to make something happen.

I'm here to tell you Vegas is a dope spot for kiddies. I'm going to tell you how I set it up and feel free to use this winning blueprint next year.


The first strategy was not telling them where we were going. This built suspense and filtered out any horror they could have received in terms of feedback from friends. They asked me regularly and passionately but I did not tell.

Booked on Expedia but really like what I saw on Google Flights. If you need to see how prices vary on different days-its really good for that.

I went with Expedia because of the hotel packages. I ended up getting a flight and hotel package for around $800.

Day 1:

Checked into NewYork, NewYork Hotel ( north end of the strip). The lobby is all NYC flava, plus it had a Hershey Store and a roller coaster-big plus. Kids eyes lit up soon as we walked up to the hotel. We walked in and they were drooling in amazement. If you've been you know Vegas hotels are themed and are a world within themselves. Check-in was a breeze. I booked a super fly suite that was a nice size and offered a panoramic view of the strip.

As I do on every trip I logged every dollar spent into a note on my iphone (I do this on every trip I take). I like to set a liberal budget and then keep track so that even if I go over board I'm aware as its happening and not shocked, stunned and saddened after I get back home.


  • Bought an activity package from the hotel that included a theme park, 4-D Theater, roller coaster rides, etc-great value.

  • Excalibur Hotel-game room and Dairy Queen (nice treat!)

  • Spent $225

Day 2:

We realized our NewYork, NewYork hotel had a game room-bigger, better and more modern than the one at Excalibur. Kids wanted to make sure they walked the strip and hit some stores.


  • Breakfast at Denny's on the strip

  • stores on the strip

  • swimming pool at the hotel

  • Large New York style pizza for dinner

  • Game room (mini-basketball, ice hockey)

  • Spent $175

Day 3:

I wanted to make sure they saw the other side of the strip. We caught one of the red double decker buses.


  • ​Breakfast inside NewYork, NewYork hotel

  • Places we went: Adventuredome Theme Park

  • Freemont Street Experience

  • Ceasar's Palace

  • Spent $70

Day 4:

Dad was starting to wear down a little bit. I was trying to keep it close to the hotel. I did give in and catch the bus back to Cesar's Palace. I can't lie their mall inside the hotel is stunning.


  • Game room (one kid was in tears after getting destroyed in the mini-basketball game)

  • back to Ceasar's Palace

  • Swimming pool

  • 4-D theater

  • Stores on strip (Addidas, Ross, Coca Cola, etc.)

  • Spent $260

Day 5:

I'm the King of getting super early flights so I woke up at like 3 a.m. to tidy up all of our luggage. Woke the kids up about 4:30 a.m. I don't mind waking up early to save a few hundred dollars.


  • Took some final flics and then called the Uber

  • Spent $30


To wrap up you really can't lose taking your babies to Vegas for vacation. There is so much stimulation that there is no way you or they could get bored. To just walk up and down the strip is an adventure. If you value your dollar like me you appreciate that the whole city is an activity. If your not trying to spend that Disney level gwap but still need a vacation to remember then hit up Vegas!

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